The active stable

In that case, please be welcome on our farm!

Our concept is simple:

to provide our horses with living conditions that resemble as closely as possible those of horses living in the wild. They can move around the clock, interact with each other and have constant access to a healthy diet.

Our models are wild horses:

they live in herds, move around a lot (on average 15 km per day), and because of their small stomachs eat for almost 20 hours a day. Stabling a horse, with only a few hours turnout on an individual paddock and hard feed two or three times a day, does not fulfill the needs of a domestic horse. The result of this unnatural way of life can be physical and behavioral problems that cause illness and trouble the partnership between horse and rider.

Paddock Paradise - The Concept Paddock Paradise - The Concept Paddock Paradise - The Concept

This is why we decided to create a 'Paddock Paradise', a concept developed by Jamie Jackson in the United States. He had the idea after observing mustangs in Nevada and was fascinated by their health and the condition of their hooves. He therefore decided to replicate their living conditions as closely as possible for his own domestic horses.