How does it work?

A 'Paddock Paradise' is a circuit of paths between 3 and 7 meters wide, which simulates the migration routes of wild horses. On these paths our horses find everything they need: hay, minerals, salt, shelter, water and dustbaths. But to get from one to the other, they need to walk! Our GPS data allows us to know exactly how many kilometers they travel per day: on average they walk 13 km in 24 hours, but can do as much as 17 km.

Here are our two 'Paddock Paradises', each designed for a herd of 8-10 horses. Each 'Paddock Paradise' has a length of more than 1 km.

To stimulate their hooves and to keep them fit, we have different surfaces. Most of the track consists of sandy paths, which remain dry in winter. There are also areas with gravel, some steep slopes, some grass and natural obstacles in the form of tree trunks.

In winter our horses are feed 24 hours per day with hay, distributed in slow-feeders along the track. In summer they have access to a new area of fresh grazing every day. They all receive minerals once per day and hard feed, dependent on their individual needs.

Droppings are removed daily to prevent parasite infestations of the 'Paddock Paradise'.

Paddock Trail - Feeding on the Trail Paddock Trail Slowfeeder Paddock Trail Slowfeeder

The advantages?